Get involved

There are four easy ways in which you can help to get these cruel cages banned:

  1. Email your MP to ask them to support the campaign 
  2. Order postcards addressed to the Minister, and ask friends and family to sign and send one 
  3. Download campaign images and share them on social media 
  4. Write to your local newspaper about the use of cages (below)


Letter template

Please send this letter, along with an image (from the Press page) to your local newspaper editor. You will need to supply your name and address but you can ask for your details not to be printed if you would prefer.

Dear Editor,

Most of us know that millions of egg-laying hens are still cruelly caged but did you know that pheasants and partridges are also caged in the UK? Most game birds do not breed in the wild but are farmed. Their eggs are taken from them and hatched, and the young turned out to be shot.

The cages thwart the birds’ natural instincts and behaviours. They are unable to roost, roam, scratch, dustbathe, thermoregulate, wing-flap or fly. In an effort to escape, the birds may fly at the roof over and over again, damaging the tops of their heads – something the industry calls ‘scalping’.

The stressed birds can also harm one another. To try to combat this, they are often fitted with beak shrouds and other contraptions. Far from being wild and natural, these breeding birds are confined, stressed and desperate.  

I support Animal Aid’s campaign to ban these cages, and more than 100 MPs have spoken out against them, too. In a civilised world, there can be no excuse for caging animals. To find out more and support the campaign, visit